Seki Takashi – Colors

“Colors” is an album that compares imagined everyday scenes to a color. The tracks feature a range of especially light and relaxing meditational tones. In anticipation for the full album release Seki Takashi answered a few questions:

1. Could you please introduce yourself and talk about the “Colors” project a bit?

ST: I made this album imagining a color feeling from everyday scenes.

2. What is your musical history, what instruments do you play, and who has inspired you the greatest?

ST: I have never studied specialized music. I taught myself. I use instruments such as electric guitar, acoustic guitar, analog mixer, some plugins and field recordings on iPhone.
iPhone’s sound is not good. But I can record when I want to.
I have been inspired by Japanese ambient artists Chihei Hatakeyama, Tomoyoshi Date, hakobune and Hiroshi Yoshimura. Their music is very beautiful.

3.Your style ranges from ambient, electronic, to acoustic. Can you explain how the influences come together in your creations?

ST: I like soft and simple sounds. I’m out to make these sounds.

4. Your tumblr states that you’ve been living in Tokyo, can you explain what kind of work you’ve been doing? Do you identify with any other music scenes happening there?

ST: I work at a record shop. I enjoy working this shop because this it deals in many kinds of music. I have a no connection with any other music scenes, but I’m inspired by music and art events. I released an EP in June. Be sure to listen it.
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Seki Takashi’s “Colors” is available as a <a href=””>Limited Edition Cassette</a> and can be purchased via Bandcamp on release date August 26th 2016.