Squiggle Dot is Your New Favorite Label


The internet label Squiggle Dot has been contributing to higher-order cogitative art themes over the past year, giving various artists a landing spot for their music. Ever wonder what it’s like to travel into another dimension? SD01 by Suwa Kazuya will have you whisked away in a moment, rattling chains between the semi-matter of what lies between this world and theirs. Since SD01, Squiggle Dot has had around 48 releases including two World Wide installments featuring artists from Japan, Russia, Australia, US, and the Netherlands. Squiggle Dot provides intentional rhythmics for unintentional moments, maintaining a timeless and delightful music philosophy. Their music is often paired with artwork that parallels their ingenuity and other-worldliness in a simple yet well composed ‘digital playground.’

Here are just a few of my select favorites: